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Elena Benigni, M.D.

Ärztin | Rom, Italien
Specialist in general medicine, homepathy and placenta medicine

  • Medicine Degree
  • Antroposophical Medicine Diploma
  • Placenta Medicine Diploma
  • Family Medicine Specialization


Placenta Homeopathic Remedies and Complementary Medicine in squamous cell oral cancer treat

Cancer therapy has been characterized by many therapeutic approaches, including a long story of complementary medicines that support and expand the field of research in this area.

Here, we present a case report of a 77 y.o. man with no previous clinical history except for a long smoking habit (20 years) and dispensa from 3 months.

He went throughout a complete resolution of a lung mass in the anterior basal segment with a pleural-based area of parenchymal consolidation and air bronchogram characterized by spiculated and irregular borders.