Sara Fox Chapman

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Alternate Sterilization of Dogs and Homeopathic Treatment of False Whelping

Routine desexing (gonadectomy) of dogs has been challenged following publication of studies indicating that neutering has unintended negative consequences.

Homeopathic vets have long been aware that gonad removal increases the incidence of certain diseases. Homeopathic medicines can often help rebalance the vital force of the body, but gonad removal can be a significant obstacle to cure. 

Sterilization is important as a means of animal population control, and hysterectomy is valuable as a means of pyometra prevention. Methods of sterilization that preserve sex hormone production are discussed. 
Sterilized females who retain their gonads may still develop false whelping, like their fully intact counterparts.  The homeopathic treatment of false whelping is discussed.