Dr. Peter Gregory

Tierarzt | Veterinarian
Großbritannien | Great Britain

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Homeopathic management of the geriatric animal

With its gentle nature, homeopathy is ideally suited to the management of the geriatric patient.

The role of the veterinarian at this stage of an animal’s life is of course to relieve suffering, but it is also to manage the gentle decline of the patient towards the end, maintaining their quality of life as far as possible, and facilitating a timely and humane end. This requires a slightly different approach to the classical prescription we may be more used to.

This presentation will describe the author’s approach to managing such patients, looking at some of the situations which may be encountered and discussing some of the remedies he has found useful in this area.

To illustrate the management, we will follow one of the author’s dogs on his journey through the latter stages of his life to the end.