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Dr. Banu Kantarcıoğlu

Tierärztin | Veterinarian
DVM., PhD., Cert IAVH

Türkei | Turkey

Dr. Banu Kantarcıoğlu was born in Istanbul in 1975. She completed her college in 1993, the Veterinary Faculty of the Istanbul University in 1998, and her Ph.D. in Veterinary Microbiology at the same university in 2005. The Ph.D. thesis was presented at the International Union of Microbiological Societies (IUMS).

During these periods, she worked as a volunteer in the Immunology and Serology Laboratory and the Bacteriology Laboratory of Çapa Medical Faculty, Istanbul University. She practiced and worked in various small animal clinics in the Little Neston region and the University of Liverpool, the Department of Veterinary Clinical Science and Animal Husbandry and Small Animal Hospital and Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital of the University of Liverpool in England.

After graduation, she quitted the animal hospital she was working in 2005 and opened her own clinic. She met Homeopathy on those days. She participated in educations, seminars and congresses about the subject both local and abroad. She completed Classical Homeopathy education at the Homeopathy Association. She is a member of  the Homeopathy Association of Turkey, KHVHD (The Small Animal Veterinary Surgeons Assoctiation), Association of Clinician Veterinary Surgons and the Veterinary Microbiology Assoctiation of Turkey.

She is still consulting in her clinic, while continuing her role as Vice-Secretary of IAVH, also the representative of Turkey and education subcommittee  in IAVH (International Association of Veterinary Homeopathy) and education subcommittee in ECH (European Committee of Homeopathy)

  • 2022- Vice Secretary, IAVH
  • 2021- President of the Association of Veteriner Homoöpati Dernegi, Ankara, Turkey
  • 2021 Chi University, TCVM  Food therapy Florida, USA
  • 2020- BEVAS. (Belgian Veterinary Acupuncture Society) TCVM  Food therapy, Belgium
  • 2020- Holistic Veterinary Academy, Owner and Lecturer
  • 2019 Certification Qualified Bach Flower Advisor, Bachblüten Zentrum, Wien, Austria
  • 2019- Congreso Mundial de Homeopatia Veterinaria Iavh Colombia, Bogota, Colombia  ‘’A journey with Homeopathic  Nosodes including a case of Osteosarcoma in a Dog’’
  • 2019- Workshops with Caroline Ingraham on Zoopharmacognosy, Self Medication and Essential Oils in Animals, Gloucestershire, UK
  • 2018- Certification  IAVH (International Association of Veterinary Homeopathy),  Zürich, Swiss
  • 2018- Medical Aromatherapy, Medipol University,  İstanbul, Turkey
  • 2018- ECH &IAVH Homeopathic Symposium, Sofia, Bulgaria. ‘’Integrating homeopathy into a daily clinic in Turkey’’
  • 2017- Holistic Veterinary Clinic, the first holistic veterinary clinic in Turkey, owner and Veterinary Homeopath
  • 2017 SIOV Congress, Bologna ,Italy ‘A Journey with Staphysagria; from Anxiety to Infertility’
  • 2017 5th  International Homeopathy Congress,Istanbul, Turkey  ‘Homeopathy in Veterinary Obstetrics Gynecology and Pediatrics’
  • 2016 ECH Congress, Vienna, Austria  ‘ A case of Post-Infection Lymphoma and Chronıc Lymphocytic Leukemia  in a Golden Retriever Dog treated with Arsenicum Album and Carcinosin’
  • 2016 National Homeopathy Congress, Izmir, Turkey ‘A case of Lymphoma in Dog’
  • 2016 4th International Homeopathy Congress, Istanbul, Turkey ‘A case of Lymphoma in a Dog’
  • 2015 3rd International Homeopathy Congress, Istanbul, Turkey  ‘A Case of Chronic Degenerative Reticulo Myelopathy in a Dog’
  • 2015- The National Representative of Turkey  for  IAVH
  • 2009-2016 Degree on Homeopathy from the Turkısh Homeopathy Association
  • 2008  IUMS (International Union of Microbiological Societies), the Borna Disease in cats, dogs and humans as a new zoonotic diease
  • 2005- Various certificates,courses and seminars about human and animal homeopathy from valuable homeopaths around the World like Faroukh Master, Alok Parek, Roberto Petrucci, Tony Pincus, Vangelis Zafeiriou, Dora Pachova,etc.
  • 2005 City-Vet Veterinary Clinic as owner and Chef Consultant
  • 2005 PhD ,  Veterinary Microbiology .Unıversity  of Istanbul, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Deparment of Veterinary Microbiology
  • 1998-2005 The Anatolian Animal Hospital in İstanbul as the Chef Clinician
  • 1998 The Unıversity  of Istanbul, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • 1997 University of Liverpool, Department of Veterinary Clinical Science and Animal Husbandry, Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital of the University of Liverpool, The Liverpool Small Animal Hospital,  and various small animal private clinics in Leahurst Little Neston
  • 1993-1998 Unıversity of Istanbul, Faculty of Medicine, Bacteriology, Immunology and Serology Laboratories.


Dealing with cancer and difficult diseases in old animals

In recent years we see an increase in the number of cancer cases in all stages of life, especially in old age.

In this session, I will share some of my cases and how we try to deal with them with homeopathy.